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Palanca Music is a publisher of Christian music.  Our vision is to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ by encouraging songwriters and musicians in the local church to take their best and most inspiring songs to a wider audience.

This web site was created to make available to you the products and services of Palanca Music and Great awakening Records.   It is our desire to offer you resources that encourage your walk, worship and witness of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Palanca Music was founded in 1993 by Howard Roshaven, a Christian songwriter and worship leader, for the purpose of publishing songs he had written.  As the vision grew, he expanded to include the music of other writers, and then to establish Great Awakening Records and to build Great Awakening Records recording studio.

Palanca Music is affiliated with BMI, CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing, Inc.), the National Association of Music Publishers and the Harry Fox Agency, Inc.

Our new CD, In The Secret Place...Seeking the face of God, by Howard Roshaven, has been released and is available at CD Baby.com as a physical CD or as MP3 download.  Click on this link:  http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/roshaven2    

Sheet music (lead sheets) for each of the songs on the CD are available free of charge.  All we ask is that you report your church's use of these songs to CCLI through their normal reporting process.  Click on the links below to download the lead sheets.


Document Library

DocumentAwesome High KingLead Sheet
DocumentIn The Secret PlaceLead Sheet
DocumentAnd We CelebrateLead Sheet
DocumentHeal Our LandLead Sheet
DocumentHungryLead Sheet
DocumentIn The StillnessLead Sheet
DocumentOne DesireLead Sheet
DocumentPew PotatoLead Sheet
DocumentStay With UsLead Sheet
DocumentThe Feel Good SongLead Sheet
DocumentTouch Of HeavenLead Sheet
DocumentWhat Would Tomorrow Be LikeLead Sheet
We are involved in an exciting ministry that is bringing renewal and revival to our region.  Keep up with the progress of this powerful work of the Lord at their website: www.treeoflifechristian.com

Great Awakening Records... Recording Studio


The recording studio of Great Awakening Records is a recently completed facility with an inspiring ambience for producing geat recordings.  Extensive acoustic tuning has optimized each room for pristine sound and the studio is outfitted with an amazing collection of microphones, preamplifiers and signal processors .

Palanca Music and Great Awakening Records are located in the Tampa Bay area on the west coast of Florida, in a peaceful, natural Florida setting away from the noise of the city.  Here you will find a quiet, relaxed, inspiring setting to record your music.  We welcome artists and songwriters who wish to record in our facility.  Our current introductory studio rate is a remarkably affordable $40 per hour, including the engineer.

We are also equipped to come to your location and record your worship service or concert on state-of-the-art multitrack recording equipment.  Your music will then be mixed in our acoustically accurate studio facility to produce a professional stereo CD.

Anyone with a computer, the right software, a decent audio interface and a microphone can record music.  Some of the CDs recorded that way have been remarkably good.  "So what do you offer that I can't do at home?" 

Great Awakening Reords offers better sounding recordings because:
+ Our rooms have been acoustically treated to eliminate noise and provide excellent musical ambience.

+ Our selection of microphones is extensive (and expensive).  With many to choose from, the right mic for your voice or instrument can be used.  Microphones from world-class manufacturers in our collection include those by Neumann, AKG, Shure, Oktava, Audio Technica, RODE, and others.

+ Our high-end microphone preamplifiers produce cleaner, purer, more musical sounds than can be achieved with a typical home computer setup.  Our preamps come from Trident, Presonus, FMR Audio, Grace Designs, Focusrite, and others.  The use of a high quality microphone through a high quality preamp in the right room is the secret to that major-label sound.

+ Our contol room is separate from our recording rooms.  The recording engineer can monitor with speakers rather than headphones while recording.  This insures the best possible sound is recorded.

+ Better results can be achieved when you, as an artist, are not engineering your own sessions.  An experienced engineer / producer can be a dramatic benefit to your recordings.

+ Want to record your band playing together, including a fully miked drum kit?  We can do that.

+ Want to record a full concert, including audience microphones?  We can do that.

To find out more, contact us at:  howard@palancamusic.com  or fill in the spaces below and include your questions in the "comments" box, then click the "send" button.

Watch a video of the recording of a Christmas classic in Great Awakening's Studio.  See below:

Great Awakening Studio

Control Room

Recording a vocal session in Studio A
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